New ‘Fringe’ Trailer And Character Portraits Point To A Dark Future

Posted Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 08:00 pm GMT -4 by

Fringe Final Season banner

The premiere episode of Season 5 of ‘Fringe’ is only days away and Fox is making sure viewers tune by releasing this newest trailer and character portraits which depicts a bleak future with the Observers.

Although most of the footage has been seen before, it’s been re-edited and packaged into what looks like a very thrilling and suitable final season for the series. The Fringe team has been ambered for the last 20 years and now that they are free, the Observers have cast them as fugitives. The next 13 episodes will see the Fringe division fight for humanity, fight for the future, and fight for their lives.

See what’s in store for ‘Fringe’ with the trailer below and be sure to catch recaps of the episodes each week here on!

The beginning of the end begins on Friday, September 30th on FOX at 9pm.

‘Fringe’ – Season 5 Remix:

‘Fringe’ Character Photos:

Fringe Peter Biship (Joshua Jackson)

Fringe Final Season Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)

Fringe Walter Bishop (John Noble)

Fringe Henrietta Bishop (Georgina Haig)

Fringe Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole)

Fringe Final Season Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick)

Fringe Nina Sharp (Blair Brown)


  • maria de fatima Oliveira

    I hope that this season is focused on Olivia and Walter the two best characters in the series Olivia is one of the most complex and fascinating female characters of TVWalter Bishop Is One of the greatest characters ever

  • Wyman

    I hope the season will give Olivia her Active role back, she has been used as the girlfriend, victim far too long.
    But showrunner Wyman has just been once agin only praising John Noble, and stated that he will only write for him, as usual, so expect a lot of egocentrical, poor selfpity Walter,
    Walter is not a great character as such, it is the only character where they have written for, using everyone else to serve him, and with that Noble.
    Olivia will be the distant bad mother, and Peter the good father, so Anna Torv once again in the not easy to like role, which is what makes great actors IMO, actors who are not afraid to do that, as Anna has proven over and over again, and with that Anna has created a great complex Olivia Dunham, not the writing.
    IMO it is insulting that a showrunner has his favourite and only wants to serve that actor, as if the rest of the cast has no value.
    See other tv series where the entire cast is important, and where showrunner, production etc all want everyone to win an Emmy.
    On Fringe everyone has to serve Johnneeding hsi Emmy so badly Noble.

    • lucy

      Anna and
      John are great please, stop complaining, do you’re embarrassing Anna fans
      behaving itself like a JJ fan that has the mentality of a 13 year old