Steven Moffat Deletes Twitter Account

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Steven MoffatOne of the greatest things about Twitter is that fans are able to reach out to their favorite actor, writer et al and actually ask a question or make a comment that is answered by someone they admire. One of the worse things about Twitter is that non fans can also ask a question and make comments criticizing that same person. Because of this, many celebrities have decided to quit Twitter in favor of a more peaceful existence. Now it looks like Steven Moffat can be added to that list.

Late Saturday night, after fans watched the latest episode of  ‘Doctor Who’ titled ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship‘, many tried to reference the ‘Doctor Who’ executive producer/writer’ account only to find out that his Twitter page no longer exists:

What shocked fans most was the fact that there were no warnings or a reason why Moffat was no longer on Twitter. Were Cyberman involved in their attempts to delete the showrunner? Did Oswin’s work on the Dalek’s data base reach Twitter in an attempt to erase the man who shaped the 11th Doctor? Nothing as nefarious as that it seems.

According to Moffat’s wife, Sue Vertue, The Moff has decided to step away from social media as he has become extremely busy:

Many fans are a bit skeptical of this tweet as earlier on Saturday, after receiving negative commentary and downright rude tweets, Moffat had asked his followers if there was a way to limit who can follow or tweet him:

“Forgive my ignorance – is there a way to limit who can follow you and Tweet you?”

This and the fact that once Vertue realize she hadn’t written his username properly she tweeted:

Despite the fact that ‘Doctor Who’ is the most successful show in the UK and was the number one downloaded series on iTunes in the US last year, many fans who are unhappy with the direction Moffat has taken the show have used Twitter as a means to be insulting and rude to the man even to the point of telling him he has failed as a show runner. It’s no wonder that Moffat decided to delete his account.

It’s a sad commentary when someone from the ‘Doctor Who’ family has to resort to deleting an account that reached out to the show’s fans worldwide due to a handful of misguided fans that are unable to be polite. Many fans on Twitter are hoping that Moffat decides to reactivate his account but only time will tell.

In the meantime, fans can still follow other people involved with ‘Doctor Who’ as executive producer Caroline Skinner, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill still have their Twitter accounts intact.

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  • Moffat isn’t a baby I’m sure he an take criticism, if he can’t then he shouldnt
    Be on the Internet to begin with

    • I’m sure he can take criticism, but I saw some of the things sent in his direction. Nobody should have to put up with that kind of harassment and abuse, however they feel about the show.

      I can’t stand Miranda Hart. She’s on Twitter. Do I send her abuse? No. I just don’t watch her shows.

      • cnutbubble

        Why do you keep going on about Miranda Hart. Is she your girlfriend?

        • Oh god no.

          First post disappeared so re-posted a variation of it. Apparently they both lived.

    • Criticism is one thing. Abuse and harassment is entirely another (and believe me there was a lot that fell into the latter category, even posts linking valid critiques on Youtube were accompanied by rudeness and abuse).

      I don’t like Miranda Hart but I don’t abuse her on Twitter, nor do I feel the need to criticise her. I just don’t watch her stuff.

    • So you would rather he lashed out on the commenters? Fantastic idea…

  • The majority of tweets that showrunners get tend to be fawning. But a little abuse goes a long way in wiping that out. And there are ways to filter out the garbage, at least until Twitter makes 3rd party apps nonviable.

  • I’d like to point out that the grammar used here (considering the theme) is atrocious! I agree, however, that if people are hurling abuse, then something should surely be done to prevent it. This is something which is happening with increasing frequency – unfortunately. Look at what happened to Tom Daley.

    • Barbara Joel

      I thought this article was well written and gave more information than the others I’ve read.

  • Mercy

    Look…I don’t care if you love him half to death or hate his guts.

    He is a person, a human being, and deserves to be treated with respect. Hate on his work (in private), but do not hate on him.

    Constructive criticism is one thing, abuse and harassment are quite another. Frankly, I don’t blame him at all. Sometimes I really hate the internet.

    • cnutbubble

      Shouldn’t that be “I really hate on the internet”?

  • buddenbrooks

    Lots of children love Dr Who but the show has so much sexual innuendo nowadays its becoming more of a “Carry on Dr Who”. Please Mr Moffat, Dr Who doesnt need sex to be clever/ popular.