Which Formerly Straight Character Might DC Bring Out Of The Closet?

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BatwomanDC vowed to offer more diversity when they launched the “New 52″ and they delivered in granting comics to several minority characters, including lesbian Batwoman and bisexual Voodoo, as well as including openly gay teen Bunker in the Teen Titans and the previously established gay male couple Apollo and Midnighter in ‘Stormwatch’, among others.  However, in an interview with The Advocate, a leading gay news magazine, DC Editor-In-Chief Dan DiDio insisted that the majority of GLBT characters would be either characters that had already been established or new characters.  In other words, no one would suddenly realize they were gay and come out.  Until now.

DiDio, at London’s Kapow! Con, said that an established DC Character would be introduced in the New 52 as gay and furthermore, would become “one of our most prominent gay characters.”  Hmmm, but who is this mystery gay?  Here are five possibilities.

5. Damian Wayne

Okay, I know he’s like ten or something, but what a little douche.  He’s snooty, entitled, superior and always has some nasty barb to hurl.  He’s the DC equivalent of Stewie Griffin, i.e. the biggest b*tch in comics.

Robin Damian Wayne

4. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Seriously, everyone assumes they aren’t just gal pals.  It’s just a given at this point.  It’s not even lascivious or male fantasy or anything… it’s just a given.  Both have been appearing, but at least in Poison Ivy’s case, not much has been revealed about her personal life.

Harley Quinn Poison Ivy

3. Earth 2′s Green Lantern or Hawkgirl

In the old continuity, Alan was married and had two super kids, Obsidian (who was gay) and Jade.  The newer version is younger, a hunky, blond unmarried media mogul.  Hawkgirl, at least in her last incarnation, was a tough, independent young woman, who still had emotional issues (She was a cutter and tried to commit suicide).  Should the Earth 2 continuity involve her constant reincarnation and destiny to be with Hawkman, wouldn’t being a lesbian throw a mace wrench into that plan big time?

Earth 2 HawkgirlEarth 2 Green Lantern

2. Tim Drake

See Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.  In the pre-New 52, Robin and Superboy were the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Hulkling and Wiccan.  Anyone with a brain could clearly see they were in love with one another, Wonder Girl not withstanding.  Writers and artists just fed into that, whether they intended it or not.  DC still seems to insist on pairing Superboy with his beard lovely young woman, Wonder Girl, but what’s to keep Red Robin from finally coming out.

Tim Drake Red Robin

1. One of the Ravagers

My first guess was Terra.  I’m not sure which Terra this is though.  The first was a nutcase who slept with a guy old enough to be her grandfather.  The second was a whimsical, mercurial girl from another civilization.  Who’s to say they have the same sexual morays as we do.  Or what about muscle girl Caitlin Fairchild?  Or shape-shifting Beast Boy?  Is his form all he switches up?  Guess we’ll see in two weeks when their book goes on sale.


The one thing I know for sure… DC will probably throw us a curveball and it won’t be any of the above! But let’s just applaud DC for having the nerve to reflect diversity in their line.

Who do you think the “closeted” hero might be?  Or is it a villain?  Comment below.

  • ME24601

    I hope it’s Tim Drake so my childhood crush can finally be a bit more reasonable… 

  • William Preston

    Morays? They have sexual eels? Which world is this?

  • Quin

    I would have to say Tim Drake was an off choice because its obvious in the Teen Titans book that he has a crush on wonder girl.

    • Yeeeah, but it’s just as obvious he has a crush on Superboy,  as the article demonstrates.  I mean, if we’re going off obvious crushes.

  • No link for Bleeding Cool?

    • Why should there be a link for Bleeding Cool?

      • dcwomenkickingass

        Did you have a reporter at Kapow? Because otherwise Bleeding Cool broke the story. You should give them the credit the other news outlets are giving them.

        • Was Bleeding Cool the only media to attend Kapow? We enjoy and have given credit to Bleeding Cool on MANY of occasions. In this case I was not aware that the quote source was them. Regardless this has been turned into an opinion based article that is more than just a quote.

          • dcwomenkickingass

            It’s an opinion piece based on a story that Bleeding Cool first reported. The fact that you’ve chosen to express opinions does not negate that the story was reported on another site. 

          • LINK: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/05/20/dc-comics-to-switch-established-characters-sexual-orientation-soon/

  • My money’s on Vibe.

  • Lawdog1234

    God, forgive these crazy perverted people!

  • why do they need to do that?  Now i guess they can rename themselves AC-DC Comics.

    •  I’m bisexual, and I actually got a LOL off of that :)
      AC-DC comics FTW!

  • Guess which comic book I won’t buy. This is a blatant attempt to boost sales nothing more.

  • john

    Now I will buy any comics this my protest

  • Quadgorge1

    This is not a good idea.  What it is doing is promoting pornographic comics.

    • JasonMBowles

       No moreso than the tacky sex scenes in Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws between men and women.

    • ProducerE

      What? You’ll have to explain how this makes any sense at all. Homosexuality and pornography aren’t the same thing.

  • Miladybc

    The obvious – Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

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  • Mariaphoenix

    Since when is homosexuality equivalent with pornography? Your reason is vague and unfounded.

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  • JasonMBowles

     That’s not next.  Those already appear alongside TONS of graphic straight sex scenes.

  • JasonMBowles

     I bet everything I own it’s not Aquaman.  He and his wife Mera have gotten too popular lately, they aren’t going to undo their marriage.

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  • Antonyed

    I think it’s probably going to be an Earth 2 character—a bit of a cheat. Didio says the character is GOING to be introduced I’d say Atom.

  • Kenny Olembo

    Please let it be Batman.

    Ok then, Green Lantern.

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  • Verashula

    Ummmm, to the guy that posted: ” Ummm. “I do not want to read about who is or isn’t gay in my comic books!!!!!”” You do realize that you do read all the time about “who isn’t gay” in the comics. Have your read about Batman’s, Peter Parker’s, Flash’s, many women???????????????????

  • Jinkies..  Velma would be tooo obvious….

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  • Demoncat4

    odds are dc will never make any of their big guns including the trinity of bats supes and wonder woman be gay. though that does not mean some of their cast. for poison ivy would  fit. in fact would not be surprised if it turns to be even the joker or maybe flash or captain cold.  or even aquaman.

  • williamsire

    DC is harboring the absolute worst panel of talentless hacks ever in the history of comic publishing right now. This isn’t the beginning of the end of DC Comics, that started long ago. This is the point of no return. This is the atom bomb dropping and hopefully nothing can save DC Comics after this. Perhaps Warner Bros. will allow DC Comics to go unpublished for a few years so everyone will forget the horrible damage these diseased minds have done. Then they can hire new people and give comics fans a real reboot wiping out all of the history of the last 20 years of DCComics publishing. 

  • Panasit Ch

    Batman, it’s long overdue.

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  • MarkBoston

    Of course it MUST be Batman !  He already has his lover Robbin .. it’s a natural move and o one would even be surprised … Come out Batman !

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  • Crimsoneyedwolf

    the problem with that is that comics are a tool for teaching peace and tolerance just as much as an escape. they are commentary on social issues and world politics(think captain america). i do think they should have prominent figures for the homosexual community. the only thing i dont like is that they are changing established premises by changing a major character instead of introducing a new one and making him/her a big part 

  • jedierick

    Wont be Batman or Superman, Movies are in the bag with them being straight, to risky at this point.

  • Hifrom69

    I say Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are finally coming out of the closet to accompany their egos for launching rapidly ‘overstaying it’s welcome’ The New 52.  If I had to go with a DC character, I would say ‘Booster Gold’.  No great loss..  

  • Rustopher68

    Keep in mind, all the history in the DCU before the launch of the new 52 has been rendered moot, except for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Referring to anything before that isn’t a reason to say DC is going against established history as there is no history before the relaunch. I agree it probably won’t be one of the heavy hitters, and will end up being a character people might recognize but will fail to garner much of a reaction either way.

  • Lorne

    I think it is Billy Batson!  Captain Marvel!

  • JasonMBowles

    I think I’ve figured it out. DC has said it’s a male and someone who hasn’t appeared in the New 52, but is still “iconic.” Well, all the big names have already appeared, so who does that leave that qualifies as ICON-ic?

  • Danpeeler

    What’s the big deal. i thought all the DC characters were gay. Look how they dress. That’s why I love them.

  • Deej

    My guess is Wonder Woman.  It’s easy to write in (as it’s been discussed before, in her own book) and Dan Didio doesn’t like her anyway. 

  • Deej

    Also adding, Steve Trevor is NOT Wonder Woman’s boyfriend again.  Former.  Check out the latest issue of Justice League.  There was a flashback involving them, she couldn’t tell him she loved him, or something.  May have been a clue.

  • Pumbaaj

    This news had me going thru my comix as far back as the 1980′s.   Not in the New 52??  If it’s already an established character, how could they not be in the New 52?  Regardless, here are my guesses: Aquaman, Elongated Man, Changeling (Beast Boy), Cyborg, Dick Grayson (old Nightwing), Steel (John Henry Irons)

  • Jrepac

     Flash (barry allen) was the first one I thought of….it would just seem to fit for some reason….

  • Ihatfield93

    While i have no beef with the gays, if its gonna be any of the gigantic characters (e.i. Any founding member of the JLA) i am becoming a marvel and hating DC. i swear dc if u start thinking about turning someone like batman or flash or green lantern gay, u ruined the character and wouldve been better to just kill them. Again, i dont hate gays, but its like taking a character with 75+ yrs of history and completly ignoring it. Now if its someone like plastic man or animal man (that level of popularity heroes), then no prob go for it. Just NOT the head leaugers!

  • Steve D

    It’s offensive to read how some people would abandon the books because they are playing with the mythology.  The current DC reboot is all about remaking the mythology but this really isn’t anything new.  Comics have always experimented with the lives of the heroes.  Wonder Woman alone has had about 20 reimaginings over the decades.  I applaud DC for finally embracing gay people as part of their world (Marvel has been doing it for decades now).  I also think it’s significant to include the “straight man coming out” experience (something new in the comic universe) as part of the story telling.  Art reflects life.  Gay people are part of American Life.  Bravo DC. 

  • Dan

    DC said it was someone who hadn’t yet appeared in the new 52.  I am gonna go with Elongated Man or Red Tornado.

    • I don’t think I’d care for it being Elongated Man. His relationship with Sue is central to his character. Red Tornado… hmm… that might be interesting.

  • Risenshine65

    DC Comics did confirm it is a man not a women character coming out… I like to see progressive descions being made!!!. Reality check….Gay men and women are out and proud and not going away! So my question is… Where does anyone get off saying this is a bad decision? Life is about change get a CLUE!!!!!!! Remember where you live and what this country stands for!

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