We at Sciencefiction.com are proud to welcome our new advertiser Superherostuff.com! With Mother’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what to get your geeky Mom, Sister, Aunt, or Wife. Well, we did the shopping for you! Below are some great gift ideas for Mothers of the nerd persuasion. (I hope she likes Wonder Woman.) If you’d like to buy the specific items listed, just click on the accompanying links to browse the item along with other items in the same category. Good luck and happy shopping!

Wonder Woman Pint Glasses

It’s Mother’s Day, so let Mom relax and throw back a couple of cold ones in these nifty black pint glasses featuring classic images of Wonder Woman.  These retail for $39.99. Superherostuff.com also offers a wide variety of glasses featuring many other geek-centric characters.  Click here to see the full selection.

Wonder Woman Pint GlassesClick to Purchase

Supergirl Business Card Case

For the busy working mom, keep your fancy business cards in the stylish and durable Supergirl business card holder! It’s $15.99 and also comes in other styles!

Supergirl Card HolderClick to Purchase

Hit-Girl Headphones

Forget those expensive Beats By Dr. Dre! These Hit Girl headphones “Kick Ass!” (Sorry.) There are several different styles available featuring various super heroes, Star Wars and other motifs, in both the over the ear and in-ear styles. Check them out here!

Hit Girl HeadphonesClick to Purchase

Wonder Woman Belt Buckle

Superherostuff.com offers a variety of belt buckles featuring characters and concepts from Star Wars to Aqua Teen Hunger Force and beyond, but none are more bling-tastic than this Wonder Woman rhinestone buckle!  It’s only $19.99!

Wonder Woman Belt BuckleClick to Purchase

Starship Enterprise Keyboard

Does your geeky gal spend hours on her keyboard?  Is she a Trekker?  This Starship Enterprise keyboard could be the perfect find to brighten those long hours online!  To view all of their computer accessories, click here.

Star Trek KeyboardClick to Purchase

Wonder Woman Underwear

For your super wife and mother of your children, this cami and panty set will let her relive those delightful memories of dressing up in Underoos!  And who knows?  Maybe more babies will be on the way… These also come in She-Hulk, Spider-Girl and Supergirl styles.  Or, and I kid you not, Superherostuff.com even offers a pair of panties with Hellcat on them!  Click here to see all the underwear styles!

Wonder Woman UnderwearClick to Purchase

Replica Wonder Woman Bracers

These are fantastic!  Replica Wonder Woman bracers!  They’re only $39.99 and would look smashing with that cami set!  They offer an assortment of other jewelry items as well.  Click here to view them all!

Wonder Woman braceletsClick to Purchase

Avengers Cardboard Standee

Well, it’s up to you.  Is Mom a bigger fan of Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans?  Or a roided out, CGI Mark Ruffalo?  They make those too, but Jeremy Renner’s biceps would have gotten top billing in this movie if it were up to me.

Hawkeye Avengers Cardboard Cut OutClick to Purchase

Captain America Apron

Well, this apron does come in a Wonder Woman design, but it’s Mother’s Day!  Let Dad do the cooking in this Captain America apron for $25.99!  These also come in other heroic styles.  To view them, click here.

Captain America ApronClick to Purchase

Supermom T-Shirt

Sometimes Moms need super powers to accomplish all they have to do in a day!  Let your special Mom know you think she’s super human with this tee!  It’s simple and sweet.  Click the picture to order or click here to view the full line of women’s tees offered by Superherostuff.com!

Super Mom Tee ShirtClick to Purchase

Of course there are loads of other options, from statues to graphic novels. From the ‘Big Bang Theory’ to ‘Star Wars.’ Click any of the supplied links or head on over to the main SuperheroStuff.com page!