Kate Dickie Spills ‘Prometheus’ Spoilers But Carlos Huante Doesn’t

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(Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!)

I’m sure there are times when Ridley Scott wishes that interviews made by any of  the actors appearing in his movie ‘Prometheus’ would go by him before they are released to the public. This just may be one of those times.

Kate Dickie, who plays a character named Mudow, was recently interviewed by the Scottish tabloid ‘The Star.’ In the course of the interview, she gave details about her role in the movie and a little about some of the scenes that we’ll be seeing.  AvP Galaxy was able to retrieve a scan of the article and posted it, however, keep in mind that the interview was from a tabloid and we’ll just keep it at that.


In the interview, Dickie states that she plays a tough first officer called Mudow who helps her fellow crew members after they wake up from cryo-sleep. They’ve been asleep for 5 years and their muscles have atrophied with nonuse, so she helps them get fit only to realize that they are to become victims to creatures that begin stalking them for food and chasing them throughout their spaceship, Prometheus. Dickie’s character, Mudow, lasts 28 minutes before the alien kills her.

Dickie, who has appeared in ‘Game of Thrones’ as Lysa Arryn, dyed her hair blond for the role. “You can get caught up in all that stuff,” she says about the movie, “I don’t feel any pressure. I just get on with the job at hand”

Although she didn’t mention what the Alien would look like, the one person who would know is concept artist Carlos Huante. Huante designed the creatures that will actually appear in ‘Prometheus.’ He’s previously worked on and  designed for such movies as ‘Men in Black’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘Hellboy’ and ‘War of the Worlds.’

Huante has been a big fan of the first ‘Alien’ and says that working on ‘Prometheus’ was “really sort of a coming around to a full circle” for him. The movie was a “very very impactful movie experience” and affected him more than ‘Star Wars’ has. That and seeing Giger’s work in the first film stayed with him for many years.

Although he’s not at liberty to talk about the movie he does say that working with Ridley Scott was “a great experience.  I don’t know what they ended up using of mine in the end, but I was the only one designing the alien creatures at that time.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what the creatures will look like. Wonder what it would take to make him talk as much as Dickie did to the tabloids?

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  • Kennyachristie

    So you’re willing to believe the rubbish printed by a uk rag so that you can sound clever in a blog. This is hilarious. 

    • Ze

      I don’t believe anywhere did the writer state she believed any of it…in fact, she said, ”
      however, keep in mind that the interview was from a tabloid and we’ll just keep it at that.”  
      Meaning, form your own opinion and basically in regards to the tabloid information: take it with a grain of salt.

    • Janice Kay

      I did preface that the information was from a tabloid by saying: “however,
      keep in mind that the interview was from a tabloid and we’ll just
      keep it at that” In other words, take the information for what it is… from a tabloid and form your own opinion knowing
      where the information comes from. I apologize if I was
      not clear enough in the article for you to infer the
      meaning to that statement.

  • Guest

    I don’t really buy into this myself. It also sounds like a poor mans Alien/Alien3. Being chased around a ship sounds like a really weak plotline. I hope there is more Space Jockey based mythology than an Alien substitute chasing crew members around, this creates no fear at all as it’s been done to death. I hope this is wrong.

    • Andyj5916

      well only 28 minutes into the film means theres alot more to it.  i remember reading that time is staggered in this movie and there could be 2 landings on lv 426 1 expeditionary force and another that arrives to investigate the disappearance of the first one, there is also a photo of a character in what is probably the alien ship with 2 space jokey suits/statues in the background.  i am fairly certain this movie will be about the consequences of playing god with technology you dont understand.  the crew will accidentally create a few different but horrifying creatures, or perhaps be attacked by the bio mechanical architecture itself. The jockey will come to try to put a lid on it all only to be infected with one of the end results. with his last few moments of life he climbs into the ships control helm and broadcasts the warning signal.  i doubt ridley will include the much of the alien bursting from the seated jockey and laying the eggs but of course he would imply it somehow.  im exited personally, this will go back to the days when the the alien was a mysterious, shockingly grotesque, shapeshifter and you never knew what was coming next. that was what was wrong with aliens, they never built on the creature aside from the queen, they just made an army of them and had them duke it out with a bunch of marines resulting in the same stagnant creature design for 4 more movies. Now people know so much about the habits and ecology of the alien beast its almost like a real species described by science

  • Brian Combe

    The Star ‘interview’ is a mixture of the usual generic answers that actors give when they sign non-disclosure agreements and a fan fiction speculative synopsis posted IMDB published as if it was part of the interview.
    Hopefully casting directors will not read badly researched rubbish like that without checking the facts as it could have a bad effect on an innocent actor’s career.