George Takei Calls For Star Peace, Wants ‘Star Trek’ And ‘Star Wars’ Fans To Rally Against ‘Twilight’

Posted Monday, December 12th, 2011 03:00 pm GMT -4 by

The renewed rivalry between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ started when William Shatner said ‘Trek’ was superior because ‘Star Wars’ was derivative and lacked story. At the end of the interview, he said Captain Kirk would have wooed Princess Leia. His statements about Princess Leia got the attention of Carrie Fisher. In her response, she defended the quality of ‘Star Wars’ and challenged Shatner to a “costume-off.” Determined to have the last word, William Shatner released a video that repeated his views about ‘Star Wars.’

Coming to our rescue is the dashing and incomparable Mr. George Takei. In the video, Takei summarizes the events that have prompted him to make a plea for peace. Takei calls for “star peace” between all fans. He says that ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ are great in their own ways. He asks fans to put aside the animosity and turn our attention to stopping the ‘Twilight’ threat because ‘Twilight’ has no heroes and is about a girl hoping her boyfriend still likes her.

Can George Takei bring peace? He has worked in both franchises. He played Sulu on ‘Star Trek,’ and he was the voice of Lok Durd on ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars.’ If anyone can bring peace among all the “star friends,” it is him.

In the spirit of peace – May the force by with you as you live long and prosper. And remember, “It’s OK to be Takei!”

Here is George Takei’s call for peace:

  • Agent of Zurg

    George Takei Rules!!!

  • DocGuin

    Anything is better then the Twilight nonsense and the only thing dumber is the fan base.

  • Kevin Schmidt

    How can you not love George? What a great guy!

  • I’d much rather see Carrie Fisher with her costume off than Shatner.

    • Sadly_True

      Back in the day for sure, but now one’s probably as bad as the other.

    • Guest

      I agree

  • weyba

    I love how he says “Wicked Nice Ay” from Maine, yet that’s all in Massachusetts.

  • sgreco1970

    I’m sorry, but as I watched the twilight films, all i could think along the way is, “is thing going to turn into a morality play about girls who worship boys who are bad for them?” But no, it didnt. It was almost as if it was saying, “Sure, any girl would would worship this guy who endangers her and, finally, kills her at her request…”

  • I would love to see an alternate end to Twilight in which Blade kills the vampire coven and the Cullen family. If Bella is a vampire by the end at which this alternate end occurs, by all means, let Blade kill her too. I would assume it would have to be a mission in which Blade travels to the town of Forks for some greater purpose and he would just happen to kill the Cullen family and Bella as well.

  • Melvin Stojakovich

    We must band together. Start groups! Memes!

  • FlightDreamz

    Remember the Star Trek movies special effects were done by Industrial Lights and Magic (aka Lucasfilm Ltd.)

    • eric

      Paramount had 8 years to bring back Star Trek and they did absolutely nothing. It took the success of Star Wars for them to bring the series back. So every Star Trek fan should thank George Lucas.

  • Here4thelaugh

    He’s an a$$hole!!!!

    • Michael

      Hey guys, I found the troll!

  • great man

  • beto

    God bless you George takei

  • Drayton Allan

    Captain Sulu transcends fame into immortality.

  • Capt E Cullen Lord of the Sith