Is The Fate Of ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome’ Online?

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It looks like fans of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ will once again be disappointed with the Syfy channel. Last year, just as they cancelled the show ‘Caprica’, they announced that they would air the prequel ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’ not as a web series as originally planned, but as a 2 hour movie with the possibility of turning it into a pilot for a new series. Now it looks like they have changed their mind once again and are considering releasing it online.

Filming of the movie has already been concluded and Syfy executives have seen an early cut without the visual and computer effects completed. Because there is post production work still needing to be done, Syfy has not given the movie an air date and is now seriously considering transforming it back to the original webisodes format.  Syfy president of original programming, Mark Stern, even hinted about this during San Diego Comic-Con last month when he stated that no decision had been made on the ultimate fate of ‘Blood & Chrome.’

Written by Michael Taylor (writer and co-producer of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Caprica’) ‘Blood and Chrome’ is set to take place between the timelines of ‘Caprica’ and ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and follows a young William Adama (Luke Pasqualino) as he begins his journey in the Colonial fleet during the first Cylon War. The series, if it were to have been picked up, would contain several plot twists and turns and would feature never before seen versions of Cylons.

I find it hard to believe the plot of the movie written by Taylor himself would not be worth airing considering Syfy has a history of showing such notable original films like ‘Sharktopus’,‘Mega Python vs. Gatoroid’ and the ever popular ‘Mongolian Death Worm.’  With the recent announcement of Rob Spodek as Syfy’s new Vice President, many sci-fi fans were hoping the channel would revert back to its original premise: to bring science fiction shows to the small screen. Although no official verdict has been made, ‘Blood and Chrome’ should at least be given a chance to air on TV. Even if it doesn’t do well on the small screen, they can still upload an online episodic version of the movie which fans would still watch and it would no doubt prove to be a profitable move for the company.

Hopefully Syfy will stop frakking around and give us a decision soon. Either way, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news of the future of ‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome’ as soon as it comes in.

  • Dirk Van Tilborg


  • Honestly I think they are backpedaling because shows like Battlestar Galactica are not what SciFi whats to show or be known for anymore.  Look at all their recent programming choices and there is a gradual cutoff of the SciFi based shows.  SGU was cancelled, Eureka was cancelled, Caprica was cancelled.  But SyFy can keep airing pro-wrestling and crappy B (at most) movies.  The network has changed a lot from its heyday where you had the power block of SciFi Friday with SG1, SGA, and BSG.  Its kinda sad to see how much its fallen but even more disappointing is that’s what they believe they have to do to get rating.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Dirk Van Tilborg

      It’s not a rant Chris, its the sad truth. Earlier this year we talked to ‘Battlestar Galactica’ actor Aaron Douglas (“Chief Galen Tyrol”) about ‘Blood and Chrome’. He had read the script and was excited.   To him the television series seemed very possible. But to not even air the pilot on television sounds ominous given the lack of scifi on syfy.

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  • Honestly given up hope for Syfy. Stopped watching it months ago, but might watch this if it ever comes to the small screen. 

  • Michelle Ealey

    Syfy’s owned by the NBC/Universal/Comcast mega-corp now. All they care about is profit margins. The new person is not going to go against the current trend on Syfy because most of the shows have good numbers and are cheap to produce.

  • T Beckner

    When SciFi was renamed SyFy, we should have all realized that it was no longer SciFi. I actually watch more SciFi on other channels, and when Eureka is gone so am I. What is even worst is that their B (or is that D) movies show up on Netflix. Once I identify the movie on Netflix as coming from the SyFy channel I don’t even watch the trailer. They actually polluting the system with their junk movies. I removed the SyFy channel sometime ago from my received channels so when I searched for SciFi movies, none of their movies would be shown. It really is sad.

  • Dave

    I agree with this writers assessment of syfy’s programing choices. It’s pretty sad when childrens programs are more mature in their treatment of sci-fi than the only adult channel created specifically todeal with sci-fi!

  • Paulschram84

    I agree with everything everyone here says.  I hate SyFy, and I’m Canadian and don’t even get the channel. But shows like all the variations of Stargate were Canadian shows, Canadian made and produced, filmed in Canada with primarily Canadian actors and actresses.  But obviously they have to sell it to Syfy because the States has a much larger audience than Canada.  Roughly 10 times as many people live in the States versus Canada.  So we have to rely on the Syfy network to broadcast it which in turn is seen all over most of the world.  Too bad Syfy doesn’t know how to broadcast science fiction anymore.

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