Twitter To Cause “Troubles” For ‘Haven’

Posted Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 12:04 am GMT -4 by

Emily Rose on Haven

One of my guilty little pleasures as many of you know, is Syfy Channel’s ‘Haven’, based loosely on Steven King’s novella, ‘The Colorado Kid.’

Twitter is set to play a major role in a storyline lasting 7 episodes beginning this Friday. Two of the characters (@VinceHaven, @DaveHaven) start playing a game to see who can attract the most followers, but the contest takes a twist when strange tweets appear.

In an excerpt from the Wall Street Journal:

“What’s more, Twitter-savvy viewers have the opportunity to follow along, with viewers on the East Coast, where it airs first, having the added advantage of following the Tweets in near real-time. Audience members can visit the Twitter feeds of the individual characters (@VinceHaven@DaveHaven) or go to but it isn’t necessary to look at Twitter in order to follow the show’s plot.

Robin Sloan, Twitter’s media partnership manager, told Digits that the way Syfy uses Twitter breaks new ground. While past shows may have featured a joke about Twitter or a character who uses Twitter, the social network was “never core.” In the case of ‘Haven’ Sloan says, “If you took Twitter away from the plot, you would feel that something is missing.” Sloan was initially contacted by Haven’s producers about their Twitter plot-line. His advice: “don’t focus on the “twitterness,” or the fact that the characters are using Twitter. Fundamentally, what matters is the content itself.”

This appears to be the first time a social media site has been such an integral part of a television series, marking this a first for the Syfy Channel. I will keep you updated once more information becomes available.

History is to be written, and “Haven” is sharpening their pencils!

  • This is really a brilliant Idea, I’m very curious as to how this plays out! Well done SyFy, I look forward to watching!

  • Wanted to let you guys know Haven’s twitter story came from the brilliant minds of Haven creators Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn.  It should prove to be a lot of fun to follow Vince and Dave.  It’s never been done before and took a lot of careful planning! Hope you guys enjoy it!  

    • Thanks Nora! It is wonderful to hear from the writers themselves and get a glimpse into the inner workings of a project. You are, of course, invited back anytime you wish, I know our fans would love to hear from you again! Cheers, Bryan

    • Ze

      Thanks for the comment Nora!  We are excited to see this episode…especially since many of us are avid Twitter users. ;-)  We’re getting the best of two worlds with this story line. :)

  • Can’t wait for tomorrow! This is going to me amazing!

    • JSR

      Same here!