Day One Of The Pottermore Challenge Went As Fast As It Came – We Are In!

Posted Sunday, July 31st, 2011 12:16 pm GMT -4 by

The first day of the ‘Pottermore’ challenge has come and gone. If you weren’t able to get through today, don’t give up just yet! You have 6 more chances to get in.

The first clue was “How many breeds of owl are featured on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign?”

Multiply this number by 49.” Those who had the answer (245) and inserted it into the special Magical Quill link at the end came up with this URL: From there, you were directed to a page where you can begin your registration.

Here’s what to expect when you get there. There are 4 steps online you need to do in order to complete your registration. It’s the usual procedure: birthdate, country you live in, name, e-mail and password. And, of course, the obligatory agreement to their terms. Then 4 magical names will be listed and you can pick one as your username. (Unfortunately, you can’t make up your own). I would recommend that you remember your username by writing it down perhaps, as it won’t be sent to you to complete the process. Once you are done, an e-mail will be sent to you to activate your account. Don’t worry. It will take some time. You do have 48 hours upon receiving the e-mail to click the link inside to activate your account. Once you do, it will lead you to the registration completion page and voila! You are done.

Now you won’t get into the Pottermore site just yet. Once this challenge is over, you will receive an e-mail letting you know when you can enter the site. Not everyone who activates their account will get in right away but you will get in before October.

So, how do I know all about the process? Well this writer was up in the wee hours of the morning (I guess there is some advantages to insomnia) and was able to get in! Once I am able to access the site, I will share the info with you all! As to when to know when a hint is released, I suggest keeping an eye out on Twitter with the hashtag Pottermore. For details on how the challenge works you can read our ‘Pottermore’ challenge article.

So good luck to all for the next six days. If you get in, let us know! We’ll exchange magical names for our own Pottermore society!  We’ll update you as we explore the site!

  • MimiAngel621

    I don’t understand why Harry Potter is on this site. Harry Potter is clearly FANTASY. So why are we discussing a fantasy topic on a science fiction website? I’m seeing Harry Potter in every forum I see now. Even if it’s totally unrelated to the topic, people don’t mind talking about it! It’s starting to make me sick.

    • As with many sites, Mimi, we love our fans and want to be sure that ALL of them are informed, and up to date on all things other than Non-Fiction.
      We cover a large umbrella here, it’s hard work, but our fans are more than worth it! :) We have our site layed out in such a way, that if you have no interest in an article, you’re not forced to read it. We appreciate your comment, and welcome you back as often as you like! We are most fortunate to have fans that care enough to take the time to comment!

      Thanks again, Mimi! And thanks to everyone for all the support!