Syfy Channel Greenlights New Series ‘Alphas’ for Summer 2011 Debut

Posted Monday, December 13th, 2010 03:42 pm GMT -4 by

The Syfy Channel has greenlit ‘Alphas’ (working title) to join its slate of original scripted series. The wry, action-adventure project comes from writers Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk) and Michael Karnow. Eleven episodes and a 90-minute pilot to be directed by Jack Bender (director and executive producer of Lost) have been ordered.

The series stars Emmy winner and Academy Award® nominee David Strathairn (Temple Grandin/Good Night, and Good Luck) along with Warren Christie (October Road), Malik Yoba (New York Undercover), Laura Mennell (Watchmen), Ryan Cartwright (Bones) and Azita Ghanizada (Castle). Callum Keith Rennie (Battlestar Galactica/24) guest stars in the pilot.

Alphas follows a team of ordinary citizens whose brain anomalies imbue them with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Taking the law into their own hands, the unlikely team, led by Dr. Lee Rosen (Strathairn), investigates cases that suggest other Alpha activity to uncover what the CIA, FBI and Pentagon have not been able, or willing, to solve. These gifted individuals must balance their quirky personalities and disparate backgrounds with their not always visible powers as they work to solve crimes, stop the ticking time bomb and catch the enemy.

Production is slated to begin in Toronto early next year with an anticipated summer 2011 debut.

  • Kind of reminds me of Painkiller Jane.

  • Kind of reminds me of Painkiller Jane.

  • was that show, Painkiller Jane, actually any good? It certainly wasn’t around very long… =/

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t a big fan of the Painkiller Jane show, but I’ll certainly give Alphas a try

  • Jothan

    Painkiller Jane meets Alpha Flight

  • 3H Tritium

    After watching two episodes of Alpha, I have to say I like it.  It’s X-men Lite. The central character, Dr. Rosen, is just a normal human being, but has the wherewithal to find and lead a troop of troubled people with special abilities.

    • Dirk Van Tilborg

      This show has really surprised me. It’s much better than I anticipated.

      • Anonymous

        Way better than “Heroes” or “No Ordinary Family”.  The characters are more vulnerable than the X-men. I hope the series continues to be written this well.

  • Phoenix

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